Trivia Tuesdays


Are you a smarty pants?


Forget the pencil and paper trivia, with the help of a friendly host we're running some of the most interactive trivia in Sydney. Teams will be taking part 'quiz show' style, using buzzers for speed and multiple-choice buttons for accuracy. With a few breaks for mum and dad to take a breather, Bridgey's trivia is fun for the whole family.


Trivia is run weekly on a Tuesday from 7:00pm. We don't know about you but celebrating a win or lamenting a loss with a good pub steak seems pretty great either way. Book a table for your team and get your smartest mates and hilarious team name ready, the prizes are too good to not strategically plan your team.


Registration opens at 6pm so we recommend you make a booking to ensure you don't miss your spot!